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  • Angelia Jones - Easy solution!Being able to download this was awesome! I was up and running in 10 minutes or less. I can't remember because it was just that fast! This is a good program, however it is not as powerful as the Windows version. I have both, but I am a MAC convert. I will be so glad when they take the time to put more into the MAC version.
  • C. Cash - Proven naturally healthy diet.I was introduced to this diet 7 years ago. Began the diet with my physicians knowledge and was able to go prescription drug free within a year. The diet really works and the book not only gives the how to and recipes, it gives the scientific information to back up the evidence. I highly recommend this book/guide to all that suffer from intestinal disorders.
  • suzanne "crossroadmama" - Great Information That Everyone Should Read!I would give this book More Stars if I could...I have suffered with allergies since I was a child, and now, at 50, my digestive system's enzymes are acting up...can't process proteins without heartburn. Anyway,I gave this book a high rating because the Weight -loss problem just makes sense....and cant happen if you are eating foods that your body does not like, or you are allergic too!

    Weight-loss is not a "one size fits all" and this book helps to explain this. It is not about restriction, but of elimination of the foods that are Reactive/Allergic/Sensitive too. Looking forward to starting The Plan...waiting on a few products to come in, but will update post next month.
  • Irfan A. Alvi - A Solid ResourceI'm not planning to take the MCAT, but I have a strong personal interest in biomedicine, and I've found MCAT review books to be good resources to review the general science one should know as a foundation for specialized biomedical study. Among these books, this Kaplan book is one of my favorites, so I recommend it to both general readers and people preparing for the MCAT. The content is fairly comprehensive, the writing is clear, and the color graphics are effective. The tear-out study sheets at the end of the book are also very handy for a quick and condensed "high yield" review of key points.