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  • amanda - Thank you - I am leaning inThank you for beung so open about your career, what you have learned, and how we as woman can lean in and succeed in the game that is business. Sheryl tells very good stories, that you easily relate to, and doesn't apologise for the mistakes of the past, just demonstrates how they can guide you in the future. I have already joined a Lean in group of amazing woman in my home city, Perth western australia
  • Kenneth J. Bochenek - QuickBooks 2011 hits the mark!As a physician and business overseer of the practice, I also have had the benefit of beta testing QuickBooks for many years. We jumped into QuickBooks Pro 2011 with both feet and were delighted with the results. Being in the practice of medicine for 25 years, we have used a few less complex but more costly softwares to run the business aspect of the practice, having to use a payroll service. Having used QuickBooks in other family businesses, I thought that QuickBooks might be a good fit and it was. We've now used Quickbooks Pro for about 5 years and as of Jan 2011 we will be upgrading our practice to the Enterprise System.

    Most impressive in this 2011 upgrade for us is the collections module. This allows our employees to work specifically on collections and when coupled with the ability to send invoices (easily modifiable to adding our logo) via e-mail, it allows our customers/patients to receive the invoice within minutes of speaking with our office staff. The agreement to pay remains fresh in memory as they receive an invoice with the added ability to pay online by using the attached "electonic payment" link on the invoices. I anticipate that this will increase not only convenience for our customers, but improve our collection rate with its promptness and simplicity. This is in contrast to waiting 4-7 days for a paper invoice using "snail mail". By the time a customer receives the paper invoice a week later, our bill is no longer important and they've spent the money on a TV, CDs or anything more personally gratifying to them. The "commissions" function also simplifies payment of employees working on full or part commission of their collections as well. No longer do we have to transfer percentages and amounts to spreadsheets to accurately reflect our employees' work. All in all I see this as a marked improvement in an already great software.
  • Chris Bowker - This does work (note: MUST take it as directed or it won't work...)A word to the wise: if you're "thinking" great... This crap doesn't work... What should I do now? I spent that on this? Well... Good news! If you're using this in the right way by:

    - Uh... Exercising
    - Eating right (not like, hmm... The crap found in a fast food establishment)

    So, if you're serious about this? Well... Be sure, to:

    - They might help?

    Note: they do work, but... Takes time to work. So, if (you) "think" taking more then directed? Then... Re-think that quickly; because, if you read up on as to why not? You'll see for yourselves that: it's probably best that... You simply follow the directions or you may end up with some SERIOUS issues later on...
  • Doug Mort - A guide for those who want to be the change we want to see in the worldA dear friend of mine introduced me to Barbara Marx Hubbard last year by way of an online course and I was amazed how closely her words echoed my thoughts. Barbara is among the central consious evolution poineers of our time, respected by the likes of Deepak Chopra, Neal Donald Walsh, Ervin Lazlo, and many others.

    Birth 2012 and Beyond is a guidebook that we can use to find our voices and contribute to the next phase of our planet's evolution. As old patterns and structures are about to fall apart, life has a way of making new and richer levels of order and cooperation. We're on the tipping point where our connections with each other can bring us to new understanding and relationship with each other. By putting techniques described in this book into practice with others in our community, we can help make a positive difference.

    "Shift Circles are creating a shared field of resonance and deep purpose for Birth 2012.
    With each new day, then, the heart and minds of those drawn to participate in the collective Birth are becoming more intimately woven together, allowing us to see, feel, and operate from the oneness at the core of what Barbara calls the Hub. We are thus beginning to experience the Birth in miniature, through circles of loving resonance and cocreation. As we experience the shifts ourselves, we increase our capacity to guide and inspire others. Through working with a few friends in small circles, you can mirror what needs to happen on a larger scale: all of us joining together as a more global whole. In this way, you can become extremely valuable to the Planetary Birth experience on December 2012."

    Each of us are essential to our World. We are the ones we've been waiting for.
    Aho Mitakuye Oyasin