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  • Zman "Zman" - An Outstanding Technical Product in a Small Package.I had never heard of Roku until last Saturday when a couple we met at lunch told us they used Roku to watch British programming via Acorn channel and Amazon prime streaming. I went online and saw that the Roku 3 was on sale through Amazon so I put my order in on Monday, and it arrived on Tuesday afternoon (kudos to Amazon), and I had it working within an hour. The only glitch in set up was running between my television and upstairs where my computer is in order to activate my Roku account. An earlier reviewer had made a similar observation. Once I got the Roku activated, it worked perfectly. The wireless is outstanding since my wireless router is upstairs and my main television is on the main floor. Netflix, Acorn, and Amazon streaming worked flawlessly. I also found out today that I Roku had an iPhone app that turns your phone into a Roku remote and that also worked well. It also allows one to show photos, music and video stored on your phone on your big screen television via the Roku app interface. That was impressive. Closed caption also works well as does the headphone connected to the Roku remote which provides for quiet entertainment. This little device makes for an excellent Christmas present. Highly recommended.
  • Edward Zambrano "Ed" - Best tablet. periodI live outside the US so it was a big risk buying this thing without any warranty. The tablet works perfectly, with ICS runs really really fast,moving through the apps is a really nice sensation. right now I'm playing pokemon stadium 2 (n64 emulator), runs without any lag...

    BE AWARE: the web navigation is not the strong part of this device, the ipad does a better job, and also the apps for IOS are better, I have an ipod touch 4g and the games are better, no doubt about that. But since I don't have the money to pay the ipad apss, I'm happy with my android device.

    About the camera, WOW!. I wasn't expecting taking pictures with a tablet, but now is my best camera, and also the integration with dropbox is really cool, when you take a picture, the tablet automatically sends the picture to your dropbox folder. nice!

    500$ for this tablet?...difficult question, It's a really nice device but if you're going to buy it just to play angry birds, please DON'T!