Allegra Preziosi - Compro Oro e Argento a Siena, Firenze, Grosseto - Allegra s.r.l. è una società che da anni si occupa della raccolta, trasformazione, acquisto e vendita di metalli preziosi. In particolare i nostri negozi distribuiti su quasi tutto il territorio della Toscana, offrono al cliente, sia privato che operatore professionale, le migliori condizioni di acquisto di metalli preziosi e gioielleria.

Country: North America, US, United States

City: 07054 Parsippany, New Jersey

  • inthisthread - A new type of food!I just purchased the Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz jug and can i just say it is remarkable. I am a small business owner of a dairy shop and I can't tell you how much my customers support my business now that I started carrying this product. My sales have been through the roof but I'm not done "milking this cow yet" (no pun intended) i have decided to expand my little store into a chain with half the store space dedicated to the Tuscan Whole Milk, 1 Gallon, 128 fl oz. This isn't just any milk, it's a new type of food. Buy it or you'll regret it.
  • USAF SF - Simply put, the best of the best.I have used multiple tablets in the past but have never owned one until now. I was uneasy about purchasing because of the early model WiFi/GPS issues, I am happy to report this tablet is fully functional. It looks absolutely phenominal, even though I wanted the Champagne color (I thought the Amethyst Gray would be too purple). It outperforms every other tablet I have put it up against. I actually purchased mine from Gamestop because it was a package deal that included 5 games and a gamepad, but thought I would review here because I purchased accesories from Amazon...

    It is a huge fingerprint magnet, but my recent purchase of the Skinomi screen protector (dock compatible) has solved that issue. Additionally because of the width (or lack thereof) I would strongly suggest a protective case, I purchased the Poetic 2-in-1 lightweight case which adds a minimal amount of width to the tablet; most importantly it fits perfectly under any circumstance.

    One thing, not really a con just something to keep in mind is that it's so much smaller than I had originally pictured and it takes some getting used to using a slightly cramped keyboard. However the placment of hotkeys on the dock are extremely helpful/useful.

    At any rate, if you pride yourself in being a well informed consumer (as in you spend hours researching before making an actual purchase) and you are on this page considering this purchase, DO IT! You won't regret it, best tablet/somewhat replacement laptop on the market right now. One last thing, I will include a video shortly which is why I didn't go through the effort of including my amazing case and other accesories...
  • tcostan1 - Perfect for small apartmentI live in a medium sized apartment with hardwood floors and a dog that sheds. I am now finally able to keep up with the dog hair. Space is a premium so having a small vacuum that stores easily is great. The suction is strong, yet the vacuum is not that loud. Also, not having to deal with a cord makes it much easier to clean up the whole apartment quickly, or just do a quick spot check.

    This has been one of the best products I have bought in a long time for convenience and practicality. That said, it is expensive, but there are no other cordless, bagless, small, strong, and easy to store vacuums out there, so I bought it anyway. Worth the $ in my opinion.

    Important to note, this product would be a total waste of money if you lived in a big house.
  • Robert Carlberg - Rehabilitating the ParasiteCarl Zimmer, who I knew primarily through his frequent contributions to Discover magazine, is an excellent writer. Not only does his prose guide the reader effortlessly through some pretty difficult science, but he also chooses subjects which are deeply fascinating and brings out points of view which you've probably never considered before.

    "Parasite Rex" is a good case in point. The first several chapters are pretty much what you'd expect -- some case studies, a little history of parasitology, some really gnarly pictures. Then, in the third-to-last chapter, he starts discussing the evolution of parasites and how their numbers and virulence can actually affect the evolutionary success of their hosts.

    In the second-to-last chapter he applies this viewpoint to mankind, and shows how parasitism potentially influenced man's own evolution, including the development of culture, the diaspora out of Africa, and even possibly the creation of language!

    In the last chapter, Zimmer shows how parasite loads are a barometer of species health -- completely opposite of how we normally think of parasites! -- and how a LACK of parasites may have led to the spread of autoimmune diseases in man such as allergies, colitis and Crohn's disease. By the end of the book you're actually rooting for parasites!

    Now THAT is good writing.
  • Holistic Friend - Program loaded easily Scanning is Efficient and Does Not Slow Down Processes.I had been using that well know free virus protection for years on all the household computers. They seemed to work fine, never an issue. Then suddenly after the daily scan on the main one, a note popped up that it found 3 viruses. One was contained and locked up for disposal. The other two were too big to lock up for disposal and to look on line for a solution. The link they gave me did not give any help. The virus scan program said I was safe, but there were those large viruses staring at me. I wish the program could have said what kind of virus,in language I could understand, was on the computer. It is tax time! I immediately ordered this program from Amazon because it covered 3 computers and I had heard good things about it. The price was right too. :) Amazon sent it in one day, I didn't order it that way, but was glad it came.(no I didn't use a Discover Card) I kept wondering what will those viruses do? First thing Kaspersky said to do was take the old virus program off. I do that, but at the end it asks me if I want to take off the caged attachments too. Would they get free? I didn't know, but I let them go and loaded the Kaspersky. The program took over an hour to scan my computer, then declared it was good to go. It runs quickly and smoothly in the background not disturbing my work. I am happy with it!