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  • R. L. Wiggy - Mom loves itWe got this for my mom who has avoided computers forever. She loves that she can download books from all available apps. She takes it everywhere, so she always has downloaded reading material. She also loves the camera and many of the different creative camera apps. The 10 hrs of power you get from a full charge have been more than sufficient for her. The standard 16gb. also seems like plenty of storage for her. But there are other options if you feel your needs are greater. This is very easy to use, and great for someone who may be intimidated by, a full size computer, or laptop, with the ability to do almost all of the same things.
  • Robert Heylmun - Sneaky WriterFor quite a while now, I'd been wondering why the women characters in my novels seemed much flatter and less engaging than my male ones. I chalked this problem up to my batting for the other team, but then I discovered Bic Cristal for Her Pens! Saw them in the drug store and had a sympathetic woman buy them for me (paid her an extra five to hand them to me outside). Well, I went right home and rewrote a passage of my latest novel that had a woman in it, and the character seemed to pop right off the page. Now I plan to go back on my own and boldly buy another set, just in case another woman wades into my prose. Congratulations BIC! Are there any plans to make BIC Rainbows for uh... US? I could use the help here, too.