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  • samkamp - BANANA SLICER... SAVED MY LIFEEver day after school my mom would always set out a banana. before she would head to work she would say "No homework unless you eat all of your banana little man." Little man? Im 28 and little did she know the same brand of bananas had been abusing and molesting me on a regular basis... as soon as the door would slam it would happen... "Hi there Little man" the banana would say "why don't you come a little closer and get a hand full of this RIND." And No matter how many circles i ran around the kitchen table the banana would not let up...somehow It always found its way into my hands which was always followed by a blackout..this went on for years and i began to lose hope.. But then something changed. I began to search the internet for a savior a TOOL if you will. And thats when I found it.. THE BANANA SLICER.. I began reading about how it works and I studied it's complex design... The day came when I was ready to start my life over again but I had to face my fear.. THE BANANA.... I didn't waste time the moment I saw the banana I leaped onto it and took it by surprise. As I wrestled it down to the ground using a move i had learned at the women's self defense class I decided to take earlier that year.. I reached into my pocket and pulled out THE BANANA SLICER. before I knew it the banana that had tormented me for years was now in sixteen evenly sliced pieces which could have been used for a bowl of cereal or a delicious desert very convenient.. At last my nightmare was over Things are looking up. I even went back to college and earned my degree for Rectal Intelligence. I still carry the Banana Slicer with me everywhere I go. So no matter what neighborhood I find myself in I know I will make it out. Thanks Banana Slicer
  • Malkyore - A lot of people have been having problems, but mine works great!My roommate is on his second transformer prime and his still has some.... shall we say... quirks. Mine has worked great so far and i have had no major problems. This tablet is SO FAST. It blows everything else i have ever seen out of the water completely! Games look amazing apps are nice and responsive. This tablet is probably my favorite thing ever...

    Also asus support is really helpful and are actively working to make the software for the prime more stable and user friendly. I speak from the experience of watching my roommate deal with them.
  • Kitchen Queen - My Book KeeperI design and sell kitchen for a living. About 4 years ago I was given my first Quick Books for a gift. I have now just purchased the new Pro 2013 and love it. I am not a book keeper or accountant, but with this I know where every penny is and it is extremely easy to use. I love how you can press a button and have a very detailed report at your finger tips. I have never taken an accounting course, but with this I feel like I have control of my business and all of my money.
  • Chris "I don't read, but I listen." - Best Condescending gift everBought this for several ladies at the office to show my appreciation for their feminine qualities. Their note-taking and dictation skills immediately improved thanks to these specially-designed pens that fit perfectly in their tiny little hands. Thanks, Bic, for thinking of the everyday woman.