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  • Geoff Chew - Historical realism at its bestHilary Mantel's ability to transport the reader into 16th century English society is uncanny and quite beyond any other author of historical fiction. She must be reincarnated from someone living in those times. I enjoyed Wolf Hall but her new novel takes one even deeper into Henry's court and fleshes out her characters in absorbing detail. Its a worthy successor to Wolf Hall and merits that second Man Booker prize.
  • Gina - Great for an OCCASSIONAL Cleanse!I wrote a review a while back and only gave this product 3 stars at the time. That's because my body was addicted to laxatives and even this product did not work for me then. I had gotten so dependent that I was taking a strong laxative with cascara segrada in order to have a BM. Sometimes I would go 4-5 days without eliminating. I knew I had a serious problem So, I went to a GI doctor and I had a colonoscopy done. Everything was normal except a few mild hemorrhoids. I was told to wean off all laxatives except psyllium, lots of water, lots of fruits, whole grains and veggies and a medication called Amitiza. I have been on this regimen for a month and have feltyso bloated and gassy. The last week or so I did get back to having some bowel movements again without a laxative. I skip a day or two in between, feeling constipated and like I still needed to "go". Feeling very uncomfortable, I took 4 Super Colon Cleanse capsules with plenty water yesterday and in less than 24 hours, I went to the bathroom 3 times and eliminated ALOT. It wasn't diarrhea either! Just normal and NOT painful. As a bonus, I lost 2 lbs and an inch from my waist because the bloat is gone! Sadly, I will have to look forward to my next cleanse next month as I promised my GI doctor I would avoid any laxatives. Too bad because this product made me feel so much better. It does work but read the instructions. It says for "Occassional" use.
  • Keagan Cox - Great home workoutReally gets you going and is incredibly easy to follow. That is partially why I like it so much is because of how structured it is and the nutrition guide that comes with it. I would definitely recommend this to anyone on the fence about trying this program. I personally use a set of adjustable dumbbells and think that works great for this.
  • Adam Torgerson "" - Logically sound, recommend audiobookOthers have covered the book well, and my rating reflects my appreciation for Harris' straightforward, logical treatment of morality. He essentially treats moral relativism in the same way that he treats religion as the basis for morality; there are objectively moral actions versus immoral actions in the same way that there are objective facts about the universe. He dissects the argumentum ad populum and what seems to me to be moral nihilism in the veil of moral/normative relativism.

    That which tends to increase well being for conscious beings is moral. While scientifically defining "well being" is difficult (as he compares - so is defining life or health, yet we don't write off biology) there are objective ways to measure such even if some may be logistically impossible. Many ways to measure aren't impossible - lifespan, infant mortality, etc.

    In any case, the reason for my review is to recommend the audio book, which Harris reads. You get the words + how he intended them to be transmitted. It is the difference between a phone call and IM conversation. There is that additional level of communication that serves the content well, IMO.
  • Dorothy Mollenkamp - The start of this season's adventI started this read after a pastor read some script from this book on the first Sunday of advent. The authors present history and culture of the day. Their presentation allows you to see the events in a different view (from my traditional biblical teachings) and intrigues you to learn, understand, and be grateful for the Gift given to us.