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  • S. Smerud - A big step up in sound quality, and easy to useThe Bose Solo has great sound, including a deep bass, in a relatively small package. The remote has four buttons, is ergonomic, and easy to use. Set up was as simple as plugging it in, connecting one of the three provided audio cables, and going into the TV menu to turn off the TVs internal speakers.

    I was so glad to mute my Samsung, and replace the sound with the Bose Solo. The Samsung has a great picture, but the sound could be improved upon. Now I have both a great picture, and a clear rich sound. It's not surround sound (and doesn't claim to be), but the sound still fills the room well.

    The package came with the speaker, remote, batteries, and audio cables (optical digital, coaxial digital, and analog stereo).

    Note: The Bose Solo will only fit under TVs that weigh no more than 40 pounds (18 kg) and have bases no wider than 20 inches (508 mm). If your TV is 32" or more, you'll want to check the size of the base. Of course, if you have a shelf above or below your TV, you don't have to worry about placing your TV directly on the Bose Solo.
  • The Boss - The best topical acne system I have triedI used to have mild to the occasional severe breakouts. I tried just about everything from proactive to this crazy all apples and enema fast thing... DON'T DO IT!! You'll never look at apples the same! I even tried a powerful prescription medication that was later banned 😳😳!! Anyhow, it's no secret how to get clear skin, eat healthy, drink ALOT of water, and use a quality topical system like Exposed.