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  • Ginny W. - A life changer!The Plan had so many positive reviews and my massage therapist had lost weight and improved her health following the principles so I decided to give it a try. I am a 57 year old female. I actually worked with the author, doing a consultation. The planning and cooking is labor intensive but you can help this process by preparing some of the food in quantity and freezing. It is worth the time and effort involved.

    My goal was to lose about 8 lbs and resolve some of my chronic fibromyalgia pain. I have now stabilized at .5 lbs above my goal weight so that is great. My love handles are gone and I am wearing fitted skinny clothes again. The pain issue is better, not totally resolved but I will take it. My son has lost 10 lbs - his goal - and looks great! We agree that this is a very easy way to lose weight in that you are not hungry and the food is delicious. I have always been hungry on other diets.

    I can go off this for a few days while traveling or when eating out and drop the weight back off in a day or two. You are actually finding out what foods are right for your body and what foods cause inflammation and weight gain. I was surprized to find that pecans and strawberries are a no no for me. Who knew? But peanuts, eggs, and beef work great! I have eaten healthy foods for years and literally felt like I was starving most of the time without achieving the weight I desired. I had incredible will power to no avail! Now I am satisfied, enjoying my food, and achieving my weight goal. I have tried every weight loss program on the planet and none worked particularly well - until The Plan.
  • Richard of Danbury "Richard of Danbury" - Answers the Question: What's Up Doc!This is truly an invaluable resource for not only backcountry medical emergencies but also handy for the family medicine chest. It is a guide to diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illness from simple to complex. This should be part of any family emergency kit.