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  • April - Dr. Phil: Lide Code The New Rules for the Real WorldOk self help gurus:

    This book is a good read, however it only reinforces what you should have learned from your parents growing up; as well as the built-in innate intuition, which can save you the misery of letting ugly dishonest people into your circle of good friends and especially family.

    He speaks of scanning rooms in which you will be in; restaurants, as not to get caught off guard. Placing oneself in a position to be able to scan for personality traits which may or may not cause harm: Loud patrons, drunken patron, etc. I don't now about you but I've been doing this all my life, I scan everything, I can be looking straight ahead and have you in my peripheral vision. At work I place my computer so that I can see anyone's reflection in the glass of my computer, plus other strategically safety alerts I practice daily that I will keep to myself.

    Anyway this is a good read and a good lesson for those who just don't have a clue as to how the REAL WORLD WORKS and how the REAL PEOPLE in this world OPERATE
  • "pattikate" - SEIZURE CONTROL on SCD!Our daughter's first seizure came at the age of 17 days. Later we learned she had a congenital brain defect. Various anti-epileptic medications were tried over the next four years. None were successful. One was downright disastrous and caused a dangerous reaction and a nearly fatal status seizure. A new neurologist suggested the Ketogenic diet, which gave us a full year virtually seizure free. The second year of Keto found us frustrated, with seizures creeping back. Her ability to tolerate the diet was changing and it just stopped working. After two years and three months, we stopped the diet in January of 2003 but stuck to a wholesome, healthy diet without sugar or white flour..... never returning to a "typical" American diet. Seizure-wise, she was the same...a few every month. Another parent told me about SCD and the fact that they were getting seizure control on this diet, and resolving some digestive issues. Not wanting to return to more drugs, I immediately bought the book and started Katera on the SCD (April '03). By week four, completely seizure free, I knew we were on to something. It has now been 8 months and Katera has had only four seizures in all that time. We had an unbelievable 5 month stretch where we saw none at all, though a recent viral illness triggered a couple. We manage these when necessary with emergency meds. SCD is a wonderful change from the previous diet, although I still firmly believe that the Ketogenic diet is a miracle for many kids. She has never had any intestinal problems that we know of... and yet this diet works for her. Who knew that the gut was so strongly linked to brain function? Apparently, none of our doctors did, but they are amazed at her progress and want us to keep her on SCD. She is healthy and thriving...and we plan on continuing the diet indefinitely. We have found wonderful support at the Yahoo list for families using SCD for children:
  • Steve Conklin - Works for MeI updated from Quicken that I had purchased a couple of years before, and before that I had a version from around 2008, before that I had a version from... so you get the point, I have had Quicken for many years. It was easy to update to the new version and it works like the old one. It did get rid of an annoying glitch. I had two bank cards from the same bank and for some reason they could not get the second bank card to update so I had to go logon to the bank and download the Quicken file once in awhile. That has now been fixed. I'm sure there are many new gadgets but I have not used them. It takes a very nice snapshot of everything that I have, and everything that I owe and tells me my networth, keeps track of all my accounts, let me see where all my money is going and that is about all that I use it for. It is a handy program and I back it up about once a month on an external hard drive. Losing the program and the files would be a huge mess, so the program is very important for keeping our financial records straight. Because of Quicken I gave up balancing my checkbook years ago, some find this shocking, I find it a relief.
  • Rawim - Still the standard!So Microsoft Office has finally hit the cloud.

    First of all you need to know this is just a download code, and not a CD/DVD. You have to go to the Microsoft Office website, then sign up for a Microsoft account, then enter your code. Windows then takes over and begins the download and install.

    It only takes an hour or so on a newish computer to complete the download and install. Your mileage will vary depending on your broadband speed.

    To be honest the software itself is not that much different unless you are using Windows 8. You get some visual changes, but most of the functionality of the programs is the same. Word, Excel, and Powerpoint don't change anything drastic rather than new themes and mo int some stuff around. Outlook and OneNote probably have the most in terms of added features, as now you are able to share and email documents much more easily.

    The other big thing is that now all the programs integrate with SkyDrive which is the Microsoft cloud storage service. You get a free 7 Gb storage space and the programs all store there by default. A good service really.

    Other then that things are pretty much the same, if you have a specific question leave a comment and I will be happy to answer.
  • T. Harris "wanderingtaoist" - This stuff works!After a full contact fight and a broken nose I was prescribed a medication for infection which obliterated the bacteria in my system. What followed was intense yeast problems. I tried bottles of acidophilus milk and tons of yogurt but that didn't work. Even Nystatin didn't work. I had resigned myself to just living with it when I came across Threelac on a website. After finding it on amazon I decided to try the Fivelac.

    Though it took the entire box, it worked when nothing else would. For the first three weeks there was very little change, but after the month was over all my yeast problems were gone. My only advice is drink a full glass (8-16 oz) of water after it. If the yeast is really really resilient you may have to try two boxes. But if you have no adverse effects to this product I highly, highly recommend it.