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  • Ioannis D. Nikolaidis "Johnny" - An analytical account of my experience with H2O2

    An analytical account of my experience with H2O2
    I would like to share my experience with everybody, because when I was about to shop for H202 I did not find many helpful reviews of people that used the product for more than a month, (the most funny reviews are the ones that say that I received it and i WILL USE it tomorrow!!) accompanied with the account of how they used it, and with an analytical description of the protocol and the dosages and all.

    So... lets start at the beginning!

    a. FATIGUE: I suffered from chronic fatigue. Some times I was barely moving my feet in the mornings. On a good day I would tired, but if I tried to lift my knee I felt I had to help by pulling it up using the trousers!
    b. Blood Pressure:My BP was 11 - 16 if I did not take my Accupron pills regularly. By taking my pills, the pressure was contained, but if I missed them for more than 48 hours.... BP would go through the roof.
    c. Sleep Apnea and respiratory problems: I sleep with a CPAP machine the last 5 years. I used to NOT BE ABLE to blow air through my nose at any increased rate, since the nose would instantly block (like if I had a valve that shut whenever I tried to blow faster than usual)
    d. Headaches: 20 days out of month, i reverted to DEPON pills (paracetamol) to alleviate my headaches
    e. Minor Problems & other ailments:
    I) I had fungus under 4 of my hand nails.
    II) My sweat used to have a heavy odor.
    III) I had a small motor bike accident 1 months ago my foot ankle was bruised and one finger was swollen. (after 90 whole days....).
    IV) I had a fall 3 months ago and my knee was strained, and hurt when i moved it.
    f. Enormous appetite for eating: I was always hungry....always.... and ate BIG everytime i came close to any food!

    I am overweight so a., b., c., I used to attribute to my excess weight, and e., to my insatiable appetite.

    I read the "The One-Minute Cure: The Secret to Healing Virtually All Diseases" book by Madison Cavanaugh.
    Along the way, I found out that H2O2 is present in increased quantities in the first human maternal milk (colostrum), and that it is used by nature to kick start the infants metabolism.
    In animal farming they even use it as an additive/preservative to colostrum milk.
    Conclusion: it cant be bad if it is already present in mothers milk.
    NOTE: the H2O2 solution should be less than 0.3% to be safe. Too much of a good thing can be bad.... and exactly that is what many people in the forums use to discredit H2O2. The answer is YES. H2O2 if consumed at a higher concentration could be hazardous to a persons health. But I have to remind everyone that people have even died from excess consumption of cookies, or that plain air being injected intravenously will stop the heart (so a good thing must be carefully used, or else can and will become dangerous.

    I ordered H2O2 35% FOOD GRADE product and then I had to resolve many questions:
    1.1. First buy a 100ml bottle from a pharmacy, that has a dropper cap. (cost 1$)
    1.2. You have to fill the dropper cap 100ml bottle with H2O2 35% peroxide.
    1.3. You have to store it on your fridge for best preservation.
    1.4. You have to keep it away from children.
    1.5. Use this spreadsheet here: to calculate dilutions of H2O2 in water.
    1.6. A solution of not more than 0.3% (NOT 3%!!) is safe to drink.

    ★ Many people report that it is dangerous. To my experience it is not unless it comes to contact with the eyes. At the beginning i used gloves, but then one day It overflowed on my fingers and nothing happened. Turns out that as long as you immediately wash it off with water it is not dangerous.
    ★ H2O2 is characterized by the FDA as GRAS. (generally regarded as safe)

    3. Do I have to dilute it with distilled water?
    It helps to use distilled water, but.... you wont be able to find it easily. So, you can substitute distilled with bottled water, or use filtered water.

    4. What are the quantities that it is recommended for me to consume?
    The protocol in the 1 minute cure book goes as follows:
    ★ 5 drops in 200ml water (almost a full glass of water) 3 times a day for 5 days
and gradual increase over 10 days to
    ★ 25 drops in 200ml water 3 times a day for 2-3 months
and then going down to maintenance of
    ★ 5 drops in 200ml water (almost a full glass of water) 3 times a day for 5 days

    It turned out to be extra difficult to find a) distilled water and b) an empty stomach (!)
    So, i started out at 5 drops on 200ml a day, and after the 4th day i ended up with 25 drops a day on 200ml first thing when I woke up in the morning......

    I also added half a tea spoon of SODIUM BICARBONATE (baking soda) in the same glass of water.

    a. FATIGUE: GONE!!!!!! Even the first day I started, it just felt as if it was one of the very good days! 4-5 days down the road..... never felt better since I was 20 years old and 50 kilos less....
    b. Blood Pressure: After 4-5 days I quit the Accupron. I have 9-13 BP the last 40 days (I check almost daily).
    c. Sleep Apnea and respiratory problems: Still use the machine to sleep, BUT it seems my sinuses have opened, since I am now able to blow my nose FULL strength without it shutting. My nose feels open and healthy.
    d. Headaches: Have only had to revert to paracetamol 2 times the last 30 days.
    e. Minor Problems & other ailments:
    I) All nails but one are now fungus free. The one that persists seems to get better, but still not there yet.
    II) The bruised ankle (that I had for more than 1 month) got well in less than 24 hours
    III) The knee got well in 2 weeks (it hurt for more than 3 months)
    IV) My sweat takes more than 3 days to smell (i used some 3% peroxide on my arm pits), and I have quit using deodorant!!!
    f. Enormous appetite for eating: appetite has calmed down. Without trying to eat less, I am in fact eating less. I have lost 1.5Kg the last 30 days.
    g. BONUS: my palms are rose colored from blood circulation (instead of pale/white/yellow)
    h. PH: I measured my Body PH using strips and I am steadily over 7.... that is good!

  • Philly - LOVE IT!OMG, Dan your're the man. Cant believe after two and a half weeks my acne is improving SIGNIFICANTLY, my face looks bright and clear. I wasnt sure at first because I have tried so much facial treatments and over the counter drug store products on my face and nothing worked, I mean I bought all the expensive ones as well you know... smh. My history with ance started when I was 12yrs, and it has been a struggle ever since, now im 33yrs and a few months ago after coming off co-cyprindiol which was used to controlled my acne, I had a massive breakout under my chin and jawline area mostly, believe me I was DEPRESS, even more so when people start asking me if I had a allergic reaction, I cried for months. This was what led me to start looking into acne treatments and I came across this site read about 100 reviews, ended up on youtube saw more reviews and then waited another week before I decided to buy the products. The products came in the mail within ten days, took another week to final make my mind up and started using it, I have being using the treatment only at night time and everything else twice a day for almost three weeks now, I havent had any initial breakout yet 'touch wood' but my skin is slightly dry, but so far so good, I got my mojo back!, I feel much more confident, so happy I've decided to give it ago.

    P.S... I orderd my next kit a week into the treatment, because I know during the christmas season delievery to the Uk is going to be crazy.
  • Charlie - Guys: LISTEN TO THIS....I have a few BoWs for work purposes - like when attempting to find a woman to employ. But those are old and aren't used often since men are always more qualified. Then I thought - what about my women at home?? AWESOME IDEA. Here's my personal organization system:

    3 blue colored separators - One under "W" for WIFE; one under "N" for NANNY; one under "M" for MISTRESS.
    Then I bought several red separators for sub-sections:
    Under WIFE, I have "C" for CLEAN; "D" for DINNER; "L" for LAUNDRY; "S" for SHUTUP
    Under NANNY, I have "W" for WIFEGONE; "B" for BIKINI; "T" for THONG; "S" for SHUTUP
    Under MISTRESS, I have "H" for HOTEL; "B" for BUSINESSTRIP, "V" for VEGAS; "S" for SHUTUP

    This binder is GREAT for my home women!!! It's big and thick, and delivers every time. Kinda like my junk. And since broads can't read, this can house ALL my information on them!
  • matthew stillman "born and raised in book stacks" - become a philosopher of your own bodyWhile I suppose the book title is really a product of a marketing person ("People have back pain! Lets give 'em 8 easy steps! We'll sell millions!" it really doesn't do justice to what the book is really about. Fixing back pain is a byproduct of what Esther Gokhale tries to have us understand in her beautifully photographed and laid out book. Her main point seems to be that our experience of everyday pain in our bodies is a product of poorly designed modern world that despite its trappings of comfort actually makes us disconnected from and uncomfortable in our own bodies. She wants us all to reconnect to the natural strength and functionality of our bodies that have been lost. But the book hardly is a rant against the ills of modern society it takes a serious look at people from around the world who lead much more physically strenuous lives than most of us yet experience no physical pain anything like what the average desk jockey does.

    Gokhale doesn't want us to all live like the wandering Hunza people (for example) but she does admire and dissect the way that people around the world walk, stand, sit, lie down and carry things in a way that her simple methodology makes you understand that "standing up straight" doesn't mean puffing out your chest, arching your back and shrugging your shoulders into your ears. Gokhale offers a new vision for living in the modern world comfortably in our bodies by looking at the movement patterns of a world quite foreign to us by widening our understanding of movement, posture, body mechanics and physiology.

    The book is practical and simple and aesthetically pleasing and useful even if you just leaf through it. Ultimately you can gain even more by taking a workshop with her.