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  • Bradley Gibson - Cornerstone of Step 1 PreparationEverything is in list form without any detailed explanations. They assume you've already seen the content before, so I would recommend buying a copy as early as it comes out (~January) and start annotating it from your notes in class. You don't want to be cracking it open for the first time 5 weeks before you take step 1.

    The only drawback is that it comes out in January. It would be nice if it came out the summer or fall before so you could start annotating it with class notes. Heck, it would be nice if it came out at the beginning of your first two years of med school, but I understand that would be impossible, since it would be 1.5 yr out of date. So, you could consider buying the most recent version early on and annotating it, and I doubt you'll miss that much (maybe a couple of questions). Then, you could simply update it from a friend's copy of the most recent version when it comes out. Having a well-annotated and personalized copy is going to help immensely.
  • Carol S Blevins - It Worked !I have not yet had an occasion to use the free sample of the Orajel Single Dose Cold Sore Treatment that I received from Smiley360. But over the Thanksgiving holiday, my granddaughter thought she was starting to get a cold sore so I gave her one of the two sample doses to try. She thought it definitely helped because it numbed the area which in turn led to her not feeling the need to touch it. I have since spoken to her and she was happy to report that she thought the Orajel "scared away" the cold sore.
  • Dominic Dabrowski - An absolute must-have for a bigger budget buildThe machine I had to repair had a Revo X2 PCI-E 240GB that died after a couple years. After doing a little bit of research between all the current SSDs, I chose this one based on the overall positive reviews. The price was also the best out of the 500GB SSD range.

    It worked right out of the box and acts just like a typical SATA hard drive; same connections and no special driver needed for the BIOS and the Window's install to recognize it. Windows boots in about 10 seconds and applications installed extremely fast. All applications and games open very quickly as well. This drive is noticeably faster than a standard hard drive (obviously).

    I would recommend the M500 over a Revo PCI-E if you are even considering it. The M500 was an overall better experience than the Revo (as long as it last more than 2 years). I've worked with both drives on the same machine, and the M500 is cheaper per GB and quicker. How this compares to other 500GB range SSDs, I can't answer that, but you can't go wrong with the M500.

    If you have higher-end components, this is a must-have for a boot/app drive. I'm overall very impressed with the Crucial M500 and I highly recommend it!