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  • Daphne Jones - A near-perfect thrillerI was feeling pretty good about myself because I figured out the major twist that comes in about halfway through the novel. But surprise! I didn't see the end coming *at all.* I should have seem it, though: Flynn plays fair with her readers and gives us everything we need to piece it all together; I just missed the clues on the first read.

    In short, Gone Girl kept me riveted to the end with its incredible twists and flawed but compelling characters. A near-perfect thriller.
  • Edz40 - It does it all!That is, if you define "all" with slicing a banana.

    Life seemed so meaningless; I was lost... adrift on a sea of uncertainty... until the Hutzler 571 banana slicer found it's way into my kitchen junk drawer. Now, life has new meaning. I'm taking my medications regularly, and the voices all agree that having your banana sliced in 26 identical slices brings not just comfort but conformity back into what once was a world full of chaos and unequally sliced slices of banana.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Hutzler corporation, for helping to change this world, one equally sliced banana at a time!!
  • liberty1 - Remover removed!Remover removed! I tried two products before and it was a waste of time and money, so I was skeptical about ordering your product. But, `DermaTend' works. I followed the instructions provided and the skin tags, small and large, fell off on the third day during my shower. I recommend this product to anyone for tag removal. Thank you.