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  • Molly Block "Shopping online since 1997." - Stunning graphics and seamless gameplay got this rating 5 stars!I am LOVING Spore! The graphics are beautiful! I am playing on a months-old Vista Home Premium HP Slimline PC and it installed and plays just fine. The first time it loaded, it took a few minutes and I thought uh oh, something is wrong, but then it loaded and works great! I was in awe of the stunning beautiful graphics. The game is fun to play, fun for all ages. I don't mind the draconian DRM system. I like being able to access millions of other people's creations in this game. I am still learning how to play, but I've got to the tribal stage, and have not been disappointed yet. Make sure you check out the Spore official forums, for gameplay help, tips, and tricks. There were a few things that were not covered in the booklet, which the kind people on the forum answered for me within minutes. I am not disappointed with Spore. But then again, I am not a hard-core gamer. My favorite games of all times has been Roller Coaster Tycoon (the original!) and all of the Sims games. Spore has not disappointed me!
  • garteful mom "grateful mom" - itworksI just want to add my results to the many reviews for this book. My daughter, 6 y.o., has guttate psoriasis for almost 8 months now. Right when she was diagnosed with it I asked the dermatologist what I could do about her diet. He said nothing. We went to a total of 4 dermatologists and they all said the same thing. The last doctor speiciailized in pediatric dermatology gave me three choices for treatment: UV light, methotrexate, or biologic injections, besides the high potency steroid creams that she prescribed. At first the creams worked great but as all psoriasis patients know that oftentimes their efficacy wears off. I was so desperate about the "incurability" of this disease. I found this book on Amazon. I read and reread the book and decided to call Dr. Pagano to get clerarer instructions since I was going to be trying it on a little girl. He gave some helpful suggestions and assured me that if I follow through, my daughter will see results. I started the diet in mid December 2008. After 2 weeks, I started to see a flareup. I was very worried but Dr. Pagano warned that a purging reaction may happen. I started giving the slippery elm , saffron tea, and lecithin after 1 month of the diet (January 2009). After 2 months of the complete regimen, her scalp is now clear and the lesions on her back, chest, bottoms are almost gone. The areas on her legs and arms are fading away. If you are a parent of a child that suffers any diseases, I'm sure you know how ecstatic I felt! I don't use any drug right now on my daughter. It's such a good feeling to be able to not have to put any harmful medication on a little child. I just wanted to write this for other parents who are searching for a treatment for their children. The diet is difficutle for a picky child but the results are worth it. Your child may lose some weight but hopefully with time she will see that it's a lifestyle that will give her clear skin and be able to wear clothes that she likes instead of trying to cover all the red spots.
  • David - Amazing Book!This book is so amazing! It zooms in on morality itself and unfolds its future through science. The hope of a better understanding and better implementation of human well-being emanates from this book. I am so glad morality is being focused on as a scientific endeavor. Life is a better place with Sam Harris in it!