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  • Gary Smith - Delivery - Faster than Fast; Installation - Slower than SlowProduct arrived super fast, within a day or so - excellent service. A warning before you try to install product. Be sure you are up-to-date with all service packs for Windows 7 and Visual Studio or you will have to stop the install, update your system, and start over. Time to install: roughly 8 hours.
  • Joe Kubik - best tablet awsome sellerI just wanted to say what a wonderfull experince i had with this seller and this tablet it is very fast and everything works great and un very haooy with it i looked at other tablets and i couldnt be happier with this oine i recommend to all
  • KC Long - Yes, it could be too good and trueYes, like all other people, looks too good to be true? It is too good to be true! Well, not this time. At least for me. I have fine, but curly hair that is like wool. Yuk!!! It's true though. My hair is awlful and to top it I'm in my early 40's which is when everything is going crazy for us girls. This product is so good on my hair. Instructions MUST be followed. I think a few have tried this and not done so and this might be why they are disappointed. Too, it just may not work on all hair, but I have pretty difficult hair and I really like what difference I see and feel. If you count all the cost of ALL the products you purchase for your hair to get it looking nice, then compare with purchasing this one product, it's not really expensive. So, I say try it, follow the directions and I think you just might like it.
  • S. J Parker - Great in all aspectsI have used many word processing products over the years. I consistently go back to office home and business. I love the updates that office did in 2013. It is much more user friendly and easy for all ages to use. I not only use the word processer but the power point, excel. In word you can create invitations, calendars, cards and much more. If there were a higher rating than 5 stars I would give it.