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Anne Arundel Medical Center - Living Healthier Together - Medical Center based in Annapolis Maryland, known for Vascular, Joint, Spine, Brain, Women's and Children's, UroGYN, and Oncology Services


Country: North America, US, United States

City: Annapolis, Maryland

  • bjorn damsgaard - A pleasure to readA very useful book for math-teachers, both for the youngest and the mature students. The discussions about "why? and what for?" can be lifted above the usual level where "like and like not" own the arena. Also interesting for philosophical oriented teachers with
    limited experience in the subject as such. (Probably most mathematicians live in peace with the fact that they don't know it all.)
    Have been in the business for 45 years and liked the challenges and the "news" I also find in the book.
  • Rafael - a supper kind of equipmentthis is a tool, that make me happy, because it does the work I need to help me with, this tablet need no batter introduction, this the kind of equipment I can't live without it..