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  • Anna Low "media maid" - A fine Read!Susan Branch's A fine romance is wonderful! I pre-ordered and glad I did. Sold out! wooo, hooo!!! Well more will be made, I am sure. Follow Susan and her beloved Joe across the pond on the QE2 and life that some of us can only dream of. The book itself is a work of art, "handwritten" and full of pictures, ideas and fun. Before you know it, you will be a fan too. Check out her website and join her army of "girlfriends" (yes guy friends too)! Buy one for your mom, sister, or auntie. They will love it too!
  • - Amazed In CaliforniaI have had psoriasis for almost 30 years and have suffered all the discomfort and humiliation this disease can cause. I have had dreadful reactions to all the prescription drugs, so the idea of a diet was so welcome. However, I didn't really think it would work. It has been five months,and I have made amazing progress, especially since it is winter. There have been flare ups when I have strayed from the diet or have been under unusual stress. However, I am about 65% clear and what remains is not rough and flaky. All of this improvement has been without any presciption drugs of any kind. The remaining affected areas are reddish or pink, but smooth and flexible. I am confident that the improvement will continue. There is hope for anyone with this affliction, but it does require patience........
  • Shopaholic - Handy reference, even for non-business owners...Quicken Legal Business Pro 2011 is meant for owners of small to medium businesses. However, it contains a large amount of information that makes it handy to non-business owners as well. Many subjects are covered, including buying and selling real estate, leasing, contracts, tax forms, managing finances, etc. The software itself is fairly intuitive to use.
  • Paula - A Must-Read Whether Single or AttachedI've read previous books on relationships but this one is just the best. Instead of focusing on just the negativity of dating, Get the Guy is positive and uplifting, focusing on not only getting the guy, but improving your overall life in the process, so you will be happy either way. It's also current, making it easy to relate to how dating is in today's day and age, which I find is getting harder and harder! Matt puts the girl back in control, when we are told time and time again that the guy will come to us. Not always so. Trust me, I was one of those "old-fashioned" girls who wanted the guy to do all the work. Now I see things differently. I loved Matt's genuine as well as straight-forward attitude and approach, and I'm currently re-reading parts of the book to refresh my memory! My bitter attitude towards dating as lightened up a bit, and now I'm starting to have more fun instead of taking dating too seriously. Thanks Matt!