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  • ellafan - So good it's spooky!!I saw this make up advertised one night,and thought I would take a chance.I am so glad I did!! I have 58-year old skin,and along with age comes dull skin,spots and those horrid spidery-veins.I tried every kind of make up under the sun,from powders to liquids,and they all looked horrible.Too heavy. Too "pancakey" and some made my face break out. Then I ordered and received this magic stuff,and my skin looks great now!! I'm shocked how well it works to cover all imperfections,and especially those spider veins that incorrectly indicate to other people you drink too much. I don't drink at all,so where did they come from? I don't care anymore.I have this wonderful make up that takes me all of three minutes to put on.I just love it.I use the foundation and the mineral veil. They work perfectly and I couldn't be happier.
  • Mark H - Perfect!Where was the iPad mini when I was young?! This tablet is the perfect combination of form and function. They just cost too much!
  • Trey T. Stephens "Rammstein fan" - Rammstein Videos 1995/2012 North American final release 03/12/2013This is a great collction of their music videos!

    Supposedly it's the same as Made In Germany (deluxe)

    My dad won't let me get that because of ,Pussy' :(

    Keine Lust is missing the hot girls with flamethrowers.

    Pussy is edited but it still shows the magnificient breasts!

    Pick up this Blu-Ray or DVDs if you're a Rammstein fanatic!
  • Robert W. Smith "Robert Smith, Ph.D." - easy to useThe Mcafee Internet Security software is very easy to upload and read about. As I just ordered and began using this product, I can not say based on experience, how well the product works. In fact, I suppose, that's the whole purpose of security software --- it works behind the scenes without the user's knowledge, protecting the computer, software, codes ... I have used Mcafee software previously and I was quite satisfied at that time, as well. For every review which I write, I assign a grade. As I just began using the product, I am reluctant to assign a final grade. I believe that it merits a tentative A-. It is recommended for homes and small businesses that have minor threats to security. I would not recommend this product for government agencies or businesses which maintain secure or confidential data just based on common sense, not that it has any known limitations.
  • DCReader - Great PlannerThe Moleskine Weekly Notebook Planner allows me to stay organized. The notebook features one week on the left hand page and the right hand page is lined. Each day of the week provides enough space for five or so lines handwriting which is sufficient for the amount of information I record there. The lined page is large enough that I keep two To Do lists- one for work-related items and the other for personal items.

    The notebook is substantial and sturdy without being too heavy to carry in my purse. It's a great size especially considering it covers 18 months. I like that it has an elastic band to keep it from opening and the pocket in the back cover is also useful.

    The planner's paper is exceptionally smooth and pleasant to write on. Other reviewers have commented that the paper is too thin. While the paper is thin, I haven't encountered any problems with this. I have been using the planner since June and haven't had any torn pages. I will be purchasing this planner again.